The brand “Gulab Chand” has a ravishing history attached to it. The brand is a testimony to its love, passion, and commitment towards the enlivening,

Intricate art of – Rajasthani Block Printing. Our love of Rajasthan’s heritage block printing art has been the driving force that enabled the brand “Gulab Chand” become a loved, preferred designer studio for the national as well as international customers.

Decades and decades passed by. And our romance with the block printing artistry is still feeling the balmy breeze, wafting the mesmerizing fragrance of a myriad red roses. Love is in the air and we are still passionately celebrating the art of hand-block printing, an endearing traditional craft.

At Gulabchand, the artisans we work with are masters of their craft, Whether it be block carving, Washing, Printing, dying, or using dabu (resist) paste. Their skills have been developed not over the years, but through generations. Because block printing is such a detailed process, it requires many hands and hearts to create a single textile. In Jaipur, we bring you the finest block printing designer clothing. A journey that started in a humble way has come a long way. We thank all our customers who have been fans through generations. That we have been able to live up to your expectations is something that gives us immense pleasure and gratification. We will continue to serve you with the same passion. It feels thrilling to be Jaipur’s premier block printing brand. We have been recognized for excelling in our domain. Awards and rewards that came on teh way add to that thrill, and make us even more resilient and passionate to take this beautiful Rajasthani block printing art to newer global audience. Our customer’s belief in our brand spurs us on to provide them a great product every time. And back that up with 100% satisfaction for their overall in-shop as well as online shopping experience. Our customers have been customers for generations. This gives us enormous happiness and drives us to make them happy. Every time through out our long journey, one thing we have always been particular about is – providing the best customer support. We have always been upbeat right from helping the customers sift and find the right product and fit for them – to ensuring that their concerns are addressed after sales too. That is the reason each of our customers come and shop with a smile.