The Name That Stands For Hand Block Prints.

Block printing is an ancient Indian textile tradition. Cloth with block printing has been found dated back as early as 2000BC. Today this cultural tradition has been kept alive in villages through Rajasthan due to the passionate efforts of companies like Gulab. A set of blocks can be used to print on average 1500-2000 meters of fabric. Colours used for printing are derived from nontoxic chemical, mineral and vegetable origin. Chemical dyes have replaced vegetable pigments to withstand present day washing and colour fast requirements. Block printing provides sustainable livelihood to local families and Gulab is dedicated to keep this traditional wisdom alive and thriving. The wood-blocks are hand carved in elaborate designs and each colour is printed with a different block to complete the motif.

A high degree of skill is required for both the placement of motifs and the application of pressure. Altogether there can be as many as 16 blocks to create a 5-colour design. Block printed textiles reflect the touch of human hands, sensibility and skill of the craftsmen; and they represent a heritage craft that if we do not respect and protect may be lost forever. Gulab joins all those people around the world who are working hard to keep these traditions alive